Aroko Collection tables

Aroko Collection

AROKO is a decor range that is inspired by and celebrates traditional African textiles and designs. We wanted to take the everyday and repurpose it into luxury, contemporary statement pieces that will work in homes, boutique hotels and gamelodges. Sourced and made on the continent,  AROKO is proudly, uniquely African.


The Aroko African nesting tables combine bright, bold African designs, a glossy resin finish, artisan-turned African hardwood legs, and solid  brass and copper trims. They are contemporary limited edition statement pieces  that will add a pop of colour and african pattern to any room.

 The glass like resin surface adds a modern touch while ensuring the tables are both beautiful and functional. 

The table legs unscrew easily to facilitate flat packing into custom boxes  that can be easily transported and shipped anywhere in the world.


Bespoke blue and white designs featuring flora and fauna native to Africa with a Dutch delft twist. The tables work perfectly alongside Malawi chairs or a white sofa to create a chic beach house look.

Aroko Delft
Aroko Shwe Shwe

Celebrating the iconic Three Cats Shweshwe fabrics, the striking colours and intricate designs  make a bold decor statement. We are taking an everyday much-loved fashion fabric and bringing it into the home in a stylish upmarket way.

Aroko Shwe Shwe

Aroko Wax

We love sourcing African Wax fabrics in markets. These vibrant textiles have become associated with African culture, the colours and symbols reflecting local traditions and telling stories. The fabrics are sold in lengths so we can make a small batch of tables from each design. This means you get a limited edition unique product.

Aroko Collection Table 3
Aroko Collection Table 5
Aroko Collection Table 6
Aroko Collection Table 9

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